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Our History: Legacies was created in the Summer of 2011. Since then we have had our conflicts and peace; growth and decay. Yet through it all, we have pressed forward only to foresee greater achievements then originally planed.

We Who Are: We are a future tw faction. However, being future tw faction is just a minor part of who we are and will be. We also emphasis on teamwork, friendship, and clean fun to create a place where players can relax and be themselves. We rather be known as a helpful and warm faction then a strong faction; though that is still part of it. Friendship come before war here.

What We Offer: We provide a place that members can expect monthly faction events and weekly tt, cult, fb, and bosses hunts. For those members who does the faction quests and engaged in the faction, we offer items from the bank and weekly fc runs.
Deathblowz / May 25, 2012
Hiya peeps, Just letting you all know that the Training hall has just been upgraded to lvl 3.

I have been afk quite a bit over the last week or so, however while afk I have been vending cashshop items like a boss to raise the 11,907,000 for this upgrade.

A Big thanks to Xavgeon for clearing a FC Heads run to raise 800,000
and NestFreemark for coin donations of 3,000,000

I'd like for all faction members to actively raise funds for the next upgrade, sooner than later is better, as it will mean less of a wait between base upgrade and tower upgrade.

The cost for the next Tower upgrade for the training hall will be 25,004,700
(This dosent mean the training hall will be the next upgrade, simply an example of costs involved.)

Any contributions can be made to BankLegacies.

Thanks Guys and enjoy the new training hall missions 8)